LEROY MERLIN is the French largest home improvement retailer with 21,000 employees in 126 stores.

6 billion €                                                    30 000 to 60 000                                        245+ million

turnover in 2016                                                            references per store                                                   clients per year




Leroy Merlin recently came to the conclusion that in order to create and maintain a great workplace environment for their employees, management needed to ensure employees could access work information on their personal device. 

They have now shifted many of the company’s priorities to focus on these improvements. The teams, using Appaloosa, constantly offer new mobile apps to improve employees’ well-being and engagement on their personal device. 

Leroy Merlin is now able to gather and analyze data to continuously improve internal mobile apps usage resulting in a marked improvement in employee satisfaction.

The ROI of the Empowered Employee

"By implementing the Leroy Merlin App Store both on corporate and personal devices, I’m happy to say we’re now helping more than 7,000 of our employees conveniently work with company tools on their own device everyday.”

Régis Mertz, IT Manager, Leroy Merlin

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