We have put our best app consultants to the task to help you understand your current app inventory and help you make a decision on what’s next.

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More than half of employees do not have a formal process for requesting apps for work.

Source: CCS Insights

In today’s enterprise, 41% of employees say mobile business apps are already changing the way they work. In fact, your employees today use more than 4 apps in average for work!

As mobile app investments are growing, knowing where to invest first has become key.

How to decide where to invest first? Should you buy or do? Should you go for iOS or Android?

Appaloosa has been on a mission to enable the future of work, especially from mobile. We create app stores where employers can publish apps so that they can be more productive. 

More than 13M apps have been downloaded from our platform.

This year, demand for enterprise apps is going to outstrip capacity by 5:1

Source: Gartner

How it works ?

Understand (and maybe discover) which top apps are being used within your company.

Decide for which platforms and apps to go next.

Get feedback and suggestions from the field.

Dedicated app consultant


Our app consultant will follow-up with you to set the goals.

He will send you a customised form link you will be able to share with your employees.

Once goals are achieved, we’ll consolidate the answers & create a report and share it with you.

Get your FREE mobile app usage report.

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